About US

Allison & Pepper - "AllPep"

We are forever grateful for the gift of children, who naturally make us think about our future lives and the future of this planet; in this case, Allison and Pepper were our original inspiration.  What started as a small, family business has expanded into a group effort that includes people of diverse backgrounds, all of which share common values that include: making a connection to the natural world, providing a local product to the greater community, and using rationality to innovate the world into a better place...

From Seed to Satisfied

At AllPep, we believe best practices are founded on historical knowledge combined with present innovations while keeping an eye on the future.  We integrate time-tested organic growing principles combined with modern production methods, including aeroponics and hydroponics, to grow world-class tea plants and herbs in Upstate NY.  While all of our ingredients are not currently produced in-house, we are committed to sourcing only the finest-grown plant material until we can accomplish this goal. 

Blending Philosophy

   Differing from the conventional wisdom that pervades the tea industry, we do not plan on releasing an insane number of blends that were created by other folks; rather, making our own path, we are going to release a limited number of blends personally crafted by us.
  Likewise, we are going to buck the trend of utilizing a bunch of ingredients in every blend.  Often the palate can't differentiate the tastes of more than a few ingredients, and they are usually the artificial oils added on top of the natural ingredients.  To avoid the creation of white noise on the palate and use of artificial oils, our blends will offer rich flavors by using larger amounts of fewer ingredients.

Marketing Philosophy

   While tea and several of the herbs and spices commonly used in blends have documented medicinal benefits, much of this information has been grossly exaggerated through marketing efforts as it has been done with other trendy superfoods and alcohol.
  A way to summarize our feelings on this matter: drinking tea for the health benefits is like having sex for the exercise.  Tea should be drank because it tastes so damn good...